Best 10 freeze dried dog food brands


Here's a list of the top 10 freeze-dried dog food brands, along with a brief profile of each brand:

freeze dried dog food brands

Freeze-Dried Lean Pork Tenderloin【70g】Pet Treat High Protein Low Fat

1.Stella & Chewy's:

Stella & Chewy's is known for their high-quality freeze-dried dog food made with premium ingredients. They focus on providing nutritionally balanced meals and offer a variety of protein options.

2.Primal Pet Foods:

Primal Pet Foods is committed to using human-grade, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free ingredients in their freeze-dried dog food. They offer a range of protein sources, including organic and pasture-raised meats.

3.The Honest Kitchen:

The Honest Kitchen emphasizes using minimally processed, whole-food ingredients in their freeze-dried dog food. They prioritize sourcing human-grade ingredients and offer both complete meals and mixers.


Orijen is renowned for their biologically appropriate freeze-dried dog food. They use fresh, regional ingredients and focus on providing a nutrient-dense diet that mimics a dog's natural diet.

5.Grandma Lucy's:

Grandma Lucy's offers freeze-dried dog food made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients. They have various protein options and cater to dogs with specific dietary needs, such as grain-free or limited ingredient diets.


Sojos creates freeze-dried dog food with real, raw, and natural ingredients. They prioritize using whole-food ingredients and provide options for dogs of all life stages and sizes.

7.Northwest Naturals:

Northwest Naturals produces freeze-dried dog food made with raw, single-sourced proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables. They focus on providing balanced and complete meals for dogs.

8.Vital Essentials:

Vital Essentials offers freeze-dried dog food made with single-sourced proteins, including organs and bones. They promote a raw diet philosophy and use high-quality ingredients.


SmallBatch specializes in small-batch, freeze-dried dog food made with humanely raised meats and organic produce. They prioritize sourcing ingredients from local and sustainable farms.

10.Dr. Harvey's:

Dr. Harvey's creates freeze-dried dog food using real, whole-food ingredients. They focus on providing balanced and nutritious meals, with options for dogs with specific dietary needs.

These brands have gained popularity for their commitment to quality ingredients, nutritional value, and customer satisfaction. It's essential to consider your dog's specific dietary requirements and consult with your veterinarian before selecting a freeze-dried dog food brand.

Please note that individual preferences and dog's dietary needs can vary, so it's advisable to research further, read product labels, and consult professionals to determine the best freeze-dried dog food brand for your furry friend.

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